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Puppy and Kitten Programs
Welcome Puppy
This is an in-home service that can be scheduled prior to the puppy�s arrival into the household or shortly after. Our program starts new puppy owners off on the right paw. We instruct families on house training, crate training, puppy management and problem prevention. Advice is given on puppy proofing, and setting up the home and yard to best accommodate the puppy to it�s new surroundings safely and successfully.
Super Puppy Social Hour
A rotating program that addresses puppies� critical socialization period. 8 to 12 week old puppies can jump in at anytime during this 4 week program provided they meet our vaccination requirements. Puppies are socialized with a variety of people, other animals, different surfaces, handling and noises at a time when we can have the biggest impact on their adult personalities. Also included is an introduction to clicker training for obedience and fun. There is informative discussion on puppy behavior, including positive solutions for those that are problematic.
Puppy Pre-School
This program is designed for puppies 12 weeks of age to 5 months. The ideal time to start training is before bad habits are formed, and when dogs are more receptive to learning new and different things. With the help of our socialization exercises, obstacle course, basic obedience exercises and training games, puppies learn to be friendly, well mannered members of your family. Preventive health advice and common puppy behaviors are also discussed during each session. Class size is limited to approximately 8 puppies, with all household members encouraged to attend classes for the 7 weeks of training. Puppy Pre-School is an investment that will surely be rewarded with years of companionship with your special pet.
Kitten Kompanion
This program is designed for kittens 7�14 weeks. Classes take place in the Tabby Town Club House in the McKinley Mall, Hamburg. This two session program includes socialization, playtime with owners and clicker training. Participants are also instructed on adapting kittens to their carriers & harnesses. Informational topics covered will set owners up for successful cat ownership and problem prevention. A great program that�s sure to assist in developing a stress free feline.