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Cindy Mead, LVT, CPDT-KA
Cindy joined the staff in 2005 as an assistant trainer and is now working as an instructor in the Springville area with The Family Companion. She has been a licensed veterinary technician practicing at a local veterinary hospital for over 35 years.
In 1991, Cindy and Marcia attended an Ian Dunbar seminar. There they learned about Puppy Parties and their value in educating the human clients, socializing their puppies, and decreasing puppies' fear of the veterinary hospital by associating it with something fun. The puppy party that she helped establish here is the longest continuous running party in Western New York.
Additionally, Cindy has had the privilege of assisting the veterinary behaviorist from the Animal Behavior Clinic of Cornell University during their behavior consultations for the past five years. She also organized and leads a team of fellow technicians within her practice who act as pet behavior advocates, working with owners on training and problem behavior. Cindy became a CPDT-KA in 2010.