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Private In-Home Instruction
Pre-Pet Counseling
This educational program is designed to assist potential dog owners on all considerations prior to adding a pet to their household. You will be led through a two hour interview to help determine which pet/breed fits your life style.
Welcome Puppy
Our program starts new puppy owners off on the right paw. We instruct owners on house training, crate training, puppy management and problem prevention.
Private Obedience Instruction
This is a customized dog training program held in the clientís home. Through an in-depth interview process, we determine the individual dog ownerís goals, the unique personality of the pet and the dynamics of the household to customize this training program. After the initial two hour session, we return for a series of four additional one hour lessons. This is ideal for the client who wishes to schedule at their convenience, may have difficulty traveling to a class, or for dogs that are poorly suited for learning in a group environment.
Day Training & Enrichment
Reinforces what the dog has already learned in group classes or private instruction. This program is also available to cats for indoor enrichment. Itís excellent mental and physical stimulation for pets and busy owners. This service is offered in the client's home or at select daycare centers.
Behavior Consultations (Veterinary Referral Only)
After your veterinarian has made a diagnosis regarding your petís behavior problem, our licensed veterinary technician with a VTS in Behavior & a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist will work together on implementing a plan of treatment to modify your petís unwanted behavior.